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Dice Pools

Spotting Marks

Dice Pool: Wits + Streetwise/Politics
Modifiers: Equipment
Action: Instant or reflexive

Success: The character spots a mark that she already knows.

Recognizing Marks

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Streetwise/Politics/Expression/Crafts
Modifiers: Equipment, Merits
Action: Instant

Success: The character recognises the origin or purpose of the mark.

Deciphering Marks

Dice Pool: Intelligence/Wits + Expression/Streetwise/Investigation - the lower of artist's Subterfuge or Wits
Modifiers: Equipment, the lower of the artist’s Subterfuge or Wits
Action: Extended
Target: Total successes of original artist’s roll

Success: The character deciphers the hidden message behind the markings.

Communicating through the Marks

Dice Pool: Intelligence/Wits + Expression/Crafts

The character may make a roll using Intelligence/Wits + Intimidation/Persuasion/Subterfuge at -3 to influence viewers. This roll creates the message. Then the character makes a second roll using Crafts or Expression to create the work that will carry the message.

Action: Instant or Extended, possibly contested
Modifiers: Equipment

Instant Action

For hit-or-miss works. The artist’s Intimidation/Persuasion/Subterfuge roll is contested with the viewer’s Resolve + Politics/Streetwise/Composure.

Failure: The work may be clearly received and even appreciated, but doesn’t drive the viewer to action.
Success: The work has real impact, changing minds and potentially driving people to act.

Extended Action (Rolls limited by base dice pool)

For long, laborious pursuit of the kind of work the artist wants to be known for. Each roll may represent a night’s or even week’s work.

An extended action represents a complex and nuanced work. The more successes, the longer the work’s meaning stays with the viewer, the farther word spreads of its quality, the greater the number of eyes that see it. In general, consider each success to be about equal to the number of nights the piece maintains its initial impact. As a rough guideline, the Storyteller may declare a work to have significant resonance if at least one exceptional success was rolled during its creation.

Creating Cryptolectic Graffiti

Dice Pool: Wits/Intelligence + Crafts/Expression
Action: Extended. Rolls limited by base dice pool.
Modifiers: Equipment

Success: The character devises numerology, symbols and style that will hold meaning for her comrades and hide some of that meaning from rivals or enemies. The lower of their wits or subterfuge act as penalty for the decryption roll.

Once the work is done, other artists can reproduce the work with an extended action. The target number to reproduce the work is based on its complexity: a number of successes must be accrued equal to the total number of rolls the original artist made to create the work.