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When the Russians came and brought with them the ideas of Marx and Lenin, the Kindred were understandably skeptical. It was philosophy for the sheep, they said, not fit for those who are predators of the night. When the world descended into war, the Kindred continued to play lords and ladies, wilfully ignorant as their mortal influences crumbled around them. 16th of April 1945 saw the Red Army march in on Berlin, and the city burned for fourteen days and fourteen nights. And on the heels of the machine gunfire came an even greater terror—the Strix—who unlike the Red Army, stayed and hunted the Kindred like prey, driving them to madness.

The Kindred who survived remembered the ensuing years as a fiery haze. The Masquerade was a non-issue as mortals died by the thousands from disease and starvation. Buildings were razed; civilians were massacred. And then, the Berlin Blockade. The Soviets cut off all travel routes to West Berlin from June of 1948 to September of 1949. For one year no news came out of the Kindred Court of Berlin. And when the Blockade was lifted, the Invictus was no more; in their place was the Carthian Party— authoritarian, social utilitarian, and toting their pamphlets of Hobbes' Leviathan in place of the Little Red Book. Hobbes states that the natural state of man was “bellum omnium contra omnes—a war of all against all”, and to avoid a perpetual state of war, man must lay down their right to all things to a man or to an assembly of man, called the Commonwealth, which is known as “the Leviathan”.

In the ensuing vacuum, the Carthians picked up the pieces, forming a stable government and securing blood and safe haven for those that came under their protection. Within the Carthian Movement, a selected elite formed the Central Committee. Behind them pulling the strings is an even more selected elite, called the Politburo. Those who oppose the Politburo are known to disappear into the night. We do not talk about the Politburo.

The Carthians do not all belong to The Party. Hippies, anarchists, collectivists, and all other sorts have splintered away from the main group. The Party considers these people harmless but misguided—prospective comrades to be one day brought back into the fold. The Party is founded on the philosophy that shapes the Carthian Movement—the four tenets; Tolerance within reason, Collective action, Individual rights, and Duty to be a complete being.

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Carthian Members

Source books

  • Secrets of the Covenants
  • Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicles

All stats and abilities from the above books are approved for use unless stated otherwise.

Other references

  • Vampire: the Requiem (Fluff only.)
  • Carthians (Fluff, Bloodlines, and some Merits.)