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The Daeva are all allure and objectification. They embody the social horror of vampirism more elementally than any other clan, because they exploit mortal hungers to feed their immortal ones. They are exploitation. They do not hide so much as clothe themselves in the images we’ve constructed—of beauty and charm. They co-opt all the things we want to be and want to fuck. The Daevas made West Berlin. They are in the endless nightclubs and discotheques; behind the seductive thump of the latest electro-synth-pop and behind the glassy-eyed gaze of every strung out junkie. See the icons of the decade. "We made you, and we will hollow out your soul and make you immortal."

Nicknames: Serpents, Succubi
Favoured Attributes: Dexterity or Manipulation
Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Vigor
Clan Bane (The Wanton Curse): Daeva immerse themselves in the mortal world; it not only feeds them, it compels them. When Daeva choose vessels, they become obsessed. When they drink from a mortal once, they’re fine. On their second and further drinks from the same source, roll Humanity. Failure causes the Persistent Dependent Condition toward the mortal. The Condition only goes away with the mortal’s death. For this reason, Daeva tend toward either remarkable promiscuity, or they cultivate massive harems and herds.
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Daeva Members:

Daeva Positions:

  • Priscus:
  • Whip:

Daeva Bloodlines:

The Gangrel are the ultimate survivors. Close to the Beast and close to the bone, they’re primal. No. Feral! They’re tough, shrugging off what should be terrible wounds as the weapons harmlessly thunk in their dead flesh. They’re out there, and you can’t do a damn thing about them. More than any other clan, they are a reminder that the greatest lie the Devil ever told was, “Congratulations, you escaped the food chain!” Slick urban predators or wild beast staking a claim on one of Berlin's ancient forests, the Gangrel in Berlin are attuned to its modern sensibilities. The hunter Woden rode through these woods, leading a pack of gods, knights and demons. The Gangrel followed on this eternal hunt—on wings, on their motorcycles, and on all fours.

Nicknames: Savages
Favored Attributes: Composure or Stamina
Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilience
Clan Bane (The Feral Curse): Gangrel Beasts boil close to the surface. A Gangrel can run with the devil inside her, but has difficulty fighting it. All her dice pools to resist frenzy are limited by her Humanity dots. This weakness does not affect dice pools to ride the wave.
Clan icon gangrel.pngClan gangrel.png

Gangrel Members:

Gangrel Positions:

  • Priscus:
  • Whip:

Gangrel Bloodlines:

The Mekhet are often quiet, often invisible, and yet they see everything. Spies and prophets, they go where they will and learn what they want to. No secret is safe from the Mekhet. “We are the Y incision cut into this dark, dark world,” whispers a voice. “Shall we loosen our stitches?” Berlin is a city crawling with spies and double agents. Information is a lucrative business and the Mekhet control the trade. That embassy building down at Friedrichstrasse is wired up to the nines. Those white domes at Teufelsberg are used by the NSA to listen to your every move. It's true; it's right there staring you in the face.

Nicknames: Shadows
Favored Attributes: Intelligence or Wits
Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate
Clan Bane (The Tenebrous Curse): Mekhet blood is the blood of shadows. Their Requiem is one of secrecy and symbolism. For this reason, Mekhet each suffer a single bane that is not tied to a breaking point. When the Mekhet reaches Humanity 6, choose a bane. This bane counts toward the three banes a vampire is allowed, so a Mekhet is less able to mitigate detachment. As well, consider a Mekhet’s Humanity to be one dot lower for all Humanity-based banes (including sunlight and torpor).
Clan icon mekhet.pngClan mekhet.png

Mekhet Members:

Mekhet Positions:

  • Priscus:
  • Whip:

Mekhet Bloodlines:

All vampires should be feared, but the Nosferatu control fear. They might look horrifying, or they might look like anyone else, but there’s something about them. Something of the grave, something of the deep places that writhe with too many eyes and limbs and fingers that are not fingers, something just...wrong. The Nosferatu make their homes in the network of subway tunnels, bomb shelters, and natural lake formations underneath Berlin. They don’t have to work very hard to dredge up the horrors of Berlin’s past. This city has seen humanity at it’s worst—and she knows that deep down, people are just as ugly, and vile, as any Nosferatu.

Nicknames: Haunts
Favored Attributes: Strength or Composure
Disciplines: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Vigor
Clan Bane (The Lonely Curse): When dealing with humans, treat the Nosferatu’s Humanity as two dots lower for the purpose of Social penalties, and treat any Presence and Manipulation failures as dramatic failures. This bane does not apply to interactions with Touchstones or Kindred.
Clan icon nosferatu.pngClan nosferatu.png

Nosferatu Members:

Nosferatu Positions:

  • Priscus:
  • Whip:

Nosferatu Bloodlines:

The Ventrue are rulers, yes, but more than that they’re winners. They’re the best and the darkest, the lords and generals of the night. They don’t ask, they take. You start, they finish. They come, they see, they crush. The Ventrue in Berlin adapt. No other city has seen as much political upheaval as West Berlin. And the Ventrue—they’ll call themselves different things—Margrave, Kaiser, Chancellor, General Secretary. They shrugged off the mortar shells of two World Wars, and after a few centuries they’re as good at holding formal court as well as rigging party elections. They like to keep their pawns and puppets, dancing to a tune that only they can hear.

Nicknames: Lords
Favored Attributes: Presence or Resolve
Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Resilience
Clan Bane (The Aloof Curse): The Ventrue are confident. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re clearly superior. This attitude frequently causes Lords conflict, as they treat all those around them as objects. When creating a Ventrue, apply his first Touchstone to his seventh dot of Humanity. This means his first Humanity loss will also detach that Touchstone as the bane takes effect. Further Touchstones may fill his sixth through second dots.
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Ventrue Members:

Ventrue Positions:

  • Priscus:
  • Whip:

Ventrue Bloodlines: