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To simplify things, we have decided to make 1 Downtime equal to “the time spent making a roll off-screen” or “the time needed to maintain a dot of Merit per month". It is roughly a few hours (up to half a night) in length. A vampire of average capabilities would be able to complete 1—3 tasks per night (accounting for time spent procrastinating, hitting the snooze button, hanging out, getting stuck in traffic, etc.). A ghoul of average capabilities would be able to complete 3–5 per day/night (accounting for time spent fawning over Regnant), and a mortal of average capabilities would be able to complete 2–4 tasks per day/night.

(Intelligence + Resolve + Stamina) x 2 per week

(Intelligence + Resolve + Stamina) x 4 per week

(Intelligence + Resolve + Stamina) x 3 per week

Good Time Management
Grants extra downtime equal to half of (Intelligence + Resolve + Stamina).

Maintaining Merits

Certain Merits will cost 1 downtime per dot per month. They will be deducted from your downtime at the end of each month, though you can "pay off" your downtime debt before then. Status will always cost downtime to maintain. Covenant, Clan, and City Status all cost downtime, because it represents time spent carrying out tasks, showing up to Elysium, getting seen and be seen, managing underlings, answering to superiors, returning correspondence, etc etc.

List of Merits that require Downtime

  • Allies (sometimes)
  • Herd
  • Hobbyist Clique
  • Retainers (sometimes)
  • Status: City, Clan, Covenant, Influence, Mystery Cult Initiation

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All of your Status maintenance downtime can be delegated. You may appoint one (or several) minions to act on your behalf, carrying out mundane tasks that you can’t be bothered doing yourself. The minion must be the same or lower in Status than your character in the given faction (Ghouls are always considered lower status than Vampires). The minion must also share membership in the same faction. NPCs cannot be minions.