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West Berlin is divided into 11 boroughs and * localities. The boroughs and localities roughly correspond to mortal administrative districts, simply because it is OOCly convenient and ICly easier to control a territory when it is under the same administrative system.

Territory System: For a guide on how the Territory System works.
Sites: How to use and build sites.
Site Directory: A list of sites available on the grid.
Borough Locality Rating Feeding Pool Description Regent Bloc
Neukoelln Neukoelln 2 5 A populated, multicultural region of cheap housing and bohemian installations.
Neukoelln Britz 1 2 Upper class residential suburb with more than meets the eye.
Neukoelln Gropiusstadt 2 2 Sad, grey, drug-riddled housing blocks.
Neukoelln Rudow 2 2 Sparse light-industrial region on the outskirts of town.
Kreuzberg Kreuzberg 5 5 A district of punks, spies, criminals, and journalists. Border crossings to East Berlin. Joachim Reiter The Party
Schoeneberg Schoeneberg 4 4 Commercialism, class, politicians, seedy gay clubs. Geralt Vogt The Party
Schoeneberg Friedenau 1 1 Small, wealthy suburb with a geometric layout. Konstanze Descoteaux-Czartoryska
Steglitz Steglitz 2 3 Commercial area in decline. Abandoned skyscraper.
Steglitz Lankwitz 1 2 Quiet family suburb.
Steglitz Lichterfelde 3 3 Elite military school. Mansion villas. University teaching hospital. Mansfred von Kessler The Party
Tempelhof Tempelhof 3 2 Ancient ruins. Airport. Police Praesidium. Mansfred von Kessler The Party
Tempelhof Mariendorf 1 2 Affluent social climbers and society members.
Tempelhof Lichtenrade 1 2 Neglected suburb with a dark past.
Zehlendorf Zehlendorf 2 2 Forests, lakes, and mansions.
Zehlendorf Dahlem 3 1 Academic institutions, Allied Council, US Embassy.
Zehlendorf Nikolassee 3 1 Leisure, tourists, beachfront properties for the super rich.
Zehlendorf Wannsee 2 1 Eccentric old money and country clubs. Wilhelmine von Geheim
Charlottenburg Charlottenburg 4 4 Shopping, cruising, scoring drugs. Best nightclubs in town. Siegfried Theodor Walter The Party
Charlottenburg Charlottenburg-Nord 1 1 Working class residential area. Conservative and religious. Alfonse of Triers
Charlottenburg Westend 3 2 Olympic Stadium, conference halls, radio, British administration.
Tiergarten Tiergarten 1 1 Crumbling infrastructure. City landmarks lying in ruin. Olga Fedorova The Party
Tiergarten Moabit 3 3 Courthouse, prison, old Communist area. Olga Fedorova The Party
Wilmersdorf Wilmersdorf 2 4 Cafes, theatres, pleasant entertainment.
Wilmersdorf Schmargendorf 1 2 Quiet residential suburb full of retirees.
Wilmersdorf Grunewald 2 1 Forest with "the Devil's Mountain". American listening station.
Spandau Spandau 1 2 Large industrial area supplied by a confluence of rivers.
Spandau Hakenfelde 1 1 Forested and sparsely populated.
Spandau Siemensstadt 1 1 Industrial area built by the Siemens Company.
Spandau Gatow 1 1 Undeveloped area with RAF airfield.
Wedding Wedding 4 3 High-crime area controlled by unions. Egon Schenck The Party
Wedding Gesundbrunnen 2 3 WWII bunker, dilapidated urban park.
Reinickendorf Reinickendorf 1 3 Pleasant suburb near the airport.
Reinickendorf Tegel 2 2 Ancient forest, airport, water transportation.
Reinickendorf Heiligensee 1 1 Barren, isolated wetlands.
Reinickendorf Frohnau 1 1 Isolated upper middle class suburb. Buddhist retreat.
Reinickendorf Waidmannslust 1 1 Suburban area on the edge of the wilds.
Reinickendorf Wittenau 1 1 Developing area with a poor quality of life. Insane asylum.