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In Europe, there was a time when men of the cloth held enough power to rival the most eminent of princes. Bishops fielded armies, collected levies, crowned kings; they padded their pockets by selling indulgences, and did not see their holy duties as hindrances to wielding temporal power. In a similar vein, the Lancea et Sanctum ruled over swathes of territories in the cities of Latin Europe and southern Germany. The regions of Bavaria and Rhineland were staunchly Catholic; upon the Embrace many of the Kindred gravitated towards the Lancea et Sanctum. The widespread corruption of the Catholic Church made it very easy for them to predate on the kine.

The Sanctified formed an alliance with the First Estate, consolidating their territories into the Holy Camarilla Empire. It came as no surprise to anyone that the alliance would not last. The Invictus Princes in the regions of Saxony, Hamburg, and Brandenburg saw the Protestant Reformation as a chance to curb the influence of the Sanctified. They took the reformers on as vassals, and played the Protestant Evangelical Creed against the hardliners of the Monachal Creed. The influence of the Monachals were further eroded when Bismarck launched his Kulturkampf—Culture War—against the Vatican. Clerics were jailed and preaching was restricted; Catholics were purged from government office and positions of prominence. The campaign brought down many of the mortal assets of the Sanctified. And of course, the Invictus took the opportunity to promote their own vassals, moving them like pawns on a chessboard and allowing the Protestants to come into majority in Prussia.

In Berlin, this strategy proved to be a mistake when the Invictus and the greatly weakened Sanctified were unable to combat rising threats both within and without. The Crones were allowed to run amok, and the Strix plagued the city. Finally, Berlin fell to the Carthian Movement. While engaged in their worldly squabbles, the Lancea Sanctum had lost sight of what was important. Berlin had become a Godless city, desperately calling out for the guiding hand of the faithful. The kine revel in their decadence, becoming deviants and drug addicts. They are lost to the back alleys and neon lights. The Sanctified will be there, waiting, as monsters and the embodiment of sin, to remind them of the eternal glory of God.

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Lancea Sanctum Members

Source books

  • Secrets of the Covenants
  • Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicles

All stats and abilities from the above books are approved for use unless stated otherwise.

Other references

  • Vampire: the Requiem (Fluff only.)
  • Lancea Sanctum (Fluff, Bloodlines, and some Merits.)